Intelligent production of resources made from lignocellulose

FFG-Programm Intelligente Produktion, FFG-Projektnummer 848600
ITACON - Itaconsäure Bioraffinerie
Vision biobased industry
On the way to a biobased future, social change moves us closer to sustainability, and products from
biobased industry establish themselves in competition. Surface area productivity goes up, and existing resources are used in the best possible way as regards all dimensions of sustainability. System integration makes synergies accessible, innovations succeed by way of cross-linking and combined technologies that make flexibility with respect to material specification, raw material and process possible.
In this way biobased industry strengthens the national economy and enhances local value creation.

(RTI strategy for biobased industry in Austria, ÖGUT 2014 – in german)
For the purification of organic acids, primarily itaconic acid a novel technology of Fermtech GmbH will be evaluated and utilized. This process is based on recycling of the chemicals used for isolation and purification.
As a demonstration of a novel application, cross linking of lignin with itaconic acid will be established and evaluated. By this approach utilization of both major fractions of biomass – carbohydrates and lignin – can be interlaced.
Project outcomes will be process descriptions including their experimental proof of concept. Experimental data will be subject to ecological evaluation and development of a business model, jointly with the results of project Nr. 843687.
The planned close collaboration with project Nr. 843687 will enable the development and evaluation of the entire process for complete utilization of ligneous biomass. The developed process including the required microorganisms for biotechnological product formation will thus be brought towards industrial application.
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